Photoshop and Premiere Effects

Hey YouTube! In this little Halloween skit I use Photoshop and Premiere for special effects. In Photoshop I created the laser overlay. I use motion and scale in Premiere to make the laser overlay look like it’s moving. While editing in Premiere I used a Chroma Key effect on a puppet head and dropped down the opacity in the effect timeline. In an upcoming video I will do a step by step “how to” for this.

Adobe Creative Cloud
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Timmy Uppet Now On Roku

Timmy Uppet and a Friends Now On Roku
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Awesome Comments:

‘Hey folks at Vids4Kids, My fiance’s son LOVES your shows. He is 8 years old but unfortunately he suffers from lissencephaly, a rare brain conditiom that leaves him with the mental acuity of around a 1.5 year old. But your show makes him laugh so hard…he learns, he smiles…he asks for them all the time. In particular he loves Mercedes shouting “awww yeah” when he comes on screen lol. I at least wanted you to know the very positive impact you have had on a kid and his family with your work. Thank you

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