Easy Animation 5

Today’s tutorial, we are showing how to animate with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere. We are drawing in Photoshop and animating a bird in Premiere to fly across the screen. We also show an example video with the bird animation in it.

Make ASock Puppet Out Of A Sock

Today we are showing how to make a puppet out of a sock. In this puppet making tutorial I give two examples of sock puppets, easy and slightly more difficult. The easy sock puppet doesn’t use many materials. The other more difficult sock puppet uses more puppet building supplies found in the link below.
Puppet making supplies here: Puppet Making Supplies

Photoshop Tip 5 – Custom Shapes

Today’s Photoshop Tip is how to use the custom shape tool. In this photoshop tutorial I go over the custom shape tool and some of the techniques I use along with it. I also show some graphics and animations that I used the shapes in. If you have anything that you need help on, just leave a comment and I will help you and maybe make a video about it.
Get the puppet making tools here: PUPPET SUPPLIES