Beef Chutney

Hey YouTube ! Today we are uploading an old video called Beef Chutney that I deleted by mistake. I talk a little about the backstory of the Beef Chutney song and video. The puppets used in the video is Trouble and Grandpa Uppet.

Photoshop Tip 1

Hey YouTube ! Today I have a great tip that was mentioned to me on how to remove backgrounds in Adobe Photoshop. I have never used this tool before, so this video shows my reaction of how great this tool really is. Huge shout out to Goodview Woodworks for this Photoshop tip. The way I used to do it works, but this tip on how to delete backgrounds is way faster. I will use this tip from now on.

Easy Animation Part 2

Hey YouTube ! Todays video in the “Easy Animation” how to animate series, I’m showing how to switch back and forth from Photoshop to Premiere. I show you how easy it is to edit something in Photoshop and Premiere updates automatically with the change. Animating with Adobe can be easy and fun.