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Artwork Gallery #1

Artwork Gallery #1

Timmy shows off the artwork that was sent in from viewers around the world. Created: 08/27/2011 - Fun Puppets Don't Tell A Lie

Don't Tell A Lie

Timmy is confronted by Trouble and asked to do something he knows is wrong. Timmy has the answer because he remembers what his mom told him. Created: 03/19/2011 - Fun Puppets Count To Ten

Don't Take From Others

Timmy and Trouble star in this short video. Will Timmy do the right thing? Created: 03/19/2011 - Fun Puppets Count To Ten

Don't Tease Other People

Timmy and Trouble learn that being different is not a bad thing. Created: 03/19/2011 - Fun Puppet Beat Box

Beat Boxing Puppet

Funny puppet entertains by beat boxing. Created: 01/20/2011 - Fun Puppets Learn Colors

Learn Colors With Timmy

Learn colors and the spelling of each color with Timmy. Created: 01/21/2011 - Fun Puppets Dancing - Promo

Funny dance with Sara and Timmy the puppets. Created: 01/22/2011 - Fun Puppets Say The Alphabet

The Alphabet With Timmy And Sara

Say the alphabet with Timmy and Sara the puppets. Created: 1/18/2011 - Fun Puppets Count 5 Chickens

Count The Five Chickens

Count five chickens with Timmy the puppet. Created: 2/13/2011 - Fun Puppets Count To Ten

Count To Ten With Timmy

Learn to count to ten with Timmy the puppet. Created: 01/19/2011

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